One bag. Six configurations. Unlimited possibilities.

Rugged and versatile, Wrascal Carrier is the only bag that quickly and easily adapts to fit your plans.

Whether you’re scaling the Sierras, hiking with friends, or catching a flight, Wrascal Carrier’s six configurations ensure you’re ready for any adventure.

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Six Ways to Transform Your Wrascal Carrier

Rugged and Ready

The Wrascal Carrier can be quickly converted into any of its six configurations by simply zipping and unzipping side panels. Designed for ultimate durability and adaptability, it is built to military specifications, can lift over 400 pounds, and attaches to any backpack, daypack, or bag.

The Wrascal Carrier includes:

  • Laptop sleeve with multiple pockets
  • Two large, zippable outer pockets
  • Pockets inside each side panel
  • Handles, shoulder and waist straps

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Buy Now $149

My Story

For years, I’ve been frustrated with the lack of versatility and adaptability in conventional travel bags. How come a carry-on roller goes on an airplane and a gym bag goes to a track meet, but neither can go on a hike or to the grocery store?

Why not have a bag that can do all of those things, in a style that fits in with whatever you are doing, wherever you are? I want to carry less, do more, and have the freedom to change plans on the go without worrying whether I have the right bag with me.

I’m Nick Welihozkiy and that’s why I created the Wrascal Carrier. Its six configurations allow you to transform it into the ideal bag no matter what the occasion, environment, or items you’re carrying. Spend less time making decisions and more time adventuring.

I made and tested over fifty prototypes before finalizing the Wrascal Carrier.