The Multi-Tool of Bags

Quickly Transform One Wrascal Carrier Into Any of Six Configurations

Detachable Laptop Sleeve

Extra Protection That Can Stand Alone

You spent good money on that new laptop, don’t just toss it in your bag. Slip it in the Wrascal Carrier’s included sleeve. Inner padding keeps your computer safe, outer pockets make it easy to store chargers, cables, pens… you name it. Want to travel really light? Remove the sleeve entirely and use it on its own. Your Wrascal Carrier won’t be jealous.

Zippers and Pockets Everywhere

Quick and Easy Access to the Little Things

Hate having to dig through your entire bag just to get to that one tiny item you need? With five zippered access points, you can get to your stuff no matter where it is inside the Wrascal Carrier. The two outer pockets, pockets inside each side panel, and interior MOLLE loops for adding your own pouches help keep you organized.

Handles and Shoulder/Waist Straps

Hands Full? We’ve Got Your Back

Wrascal Carrier has three handles (top and sides) for grabbing quickly or sliding onto a carry-on roller. But what if you need your hands free to eat, drink, grab a rope, or wrestle a bear*? Use the adjustable, cushioned shoulder strap, or attach the waist belt for comfort and support.

* C’mon, don’t wrestle bears.

Cleans Up In Seconds

Easy to Get Dirty, But Even Easier to Clean

Wrascal Carrier is designed to get dirty, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Just open it until it lays flat, shake out the dirt, hose down the water-resistant interior lining—or wash in a river, ocean, or hotel shower—and then hang it up to dry. The reinforced seat prevents wear and wipes off easily, no matter where you’ve set it.


Configuration Width Height/Length Depth Capacity
in cm in cm in cm L cu in
Carrier 19 48.3 45 114.3 n/a n/a
Compression 19 48.3 38 96.5 n/a n/a
Slim Tote 19 48.3 19 48.3 1 2.5 27 1685
Messenger 19 48.3 16 40.6 6 15.2 40 2465
Tote 19 48.3 17 43.2 5 12.7 43 2625
Duffel 19 48.3 12 30.5 12 30.5 47 2900

Wrascal Carrier (in any configuration) weighs about 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg) empty.